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Kiefner Residence

Design Objectives
The garage is a necessary entity to any home. When it becomes the entire façade of the house, it creates a difficult design challenge. It was just such a task that Dave Reitz of Dietrick Landscapes undertook with the Kiefner residence. Situated on a semi-urban, shaded lot in downtown Jenkintown, PA, The Kiefner home lacked a visible front door. A 30" wide bluestone walk crept along the side of the garage to the hidden front porch leaving a new visitor to question how to enter the house. Near the front door, the grade slipped away steeply to the small side yard leaving the entry lacking presence. A neighbor’s Ivy bed crept over their property line and was nearing the Kiefner’s front walk. Numerous shrubs were overgrown and needed to be removed.

A new entry walkway was designed to greet visitors and leave no question as to where to enter the home. Limestone moss boulders are used first to level the area, provide a level area around the corner for the hose, and for an informal step down to a steppingstone walk to the rear yard. On axis with the attractive window near the front door, a formal entry court is laid out. Four boxwoods form the corners. A cast iron urn filled with bright annuals draws you down the new 48" bluestone walk. Small 12" square bluestones, usually never used in a dry laid walk, become an interesting paving detail. Using iron stained bluestone pieces make connection to the rust colored roofing material of the prominent window.

The 24" wide planting space along the walk is filled with Liriope which always appears lush and can easily be mowed to the ground in the spring. The encroaching Ivy bed is connected into the new planting bed at the driveway end of the walk. Several Oakleaf hydrangea now give the Ivy bed meaning. Plantings are kept low to maximize views to the entry. Sum and Substance hosta give a welcome burst of lime green color to the base of the lamp post. Purple coralbells work well with the gray siding. A tall Pieris gives height to the left house corner and hides the hose bib.

In all, a gracious new and interesting entry was achieved. What was once an eyesore has now become a entry that truly says……… Welcome.

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